Kontio Log Houses - all over the World

The excellent quality of northern wood as a building material is well known in many parts of the world. It has aroused admiration in Irish riders, Japanese golfers, Russian church architects - and in many more.

Wide variety of international references expose the suitability of log architecture in all different types of projects, proving at the same our capability as a truly reliable partner. Responding to the challenges, brought by the special needs of our customers to carry out their life-time dreams, is our business and passion.

Log house lives in all cultures

Log house has maintained its attraction over the centuries. Wood is a living material and is shaped into magnificent log buildings, creating a truly individual architecture.
In Kontio Log House you are offered traditions and hightech in one package. Modern log construction technology enables architectural design based on local or national considerations.


Kontio Log House - for demanding conditions

Initial data such as seismic, snow and wind loads are carefully taken into account in the planning process of Kontio Log Houses. Due to its tough structure with viscous joints, solid log buildings bear seismic loads and strong winds exceptionally well, whereas nearby buildings have suffered catastrophic failure.

In the areas where these demanding conditions exist, log building would be most recommendable choice, as the need of reconstruction essentially decreases. Through the years we have had many satisfied customers, who have been extremely grateful for the Kontio Log House quality after experiencing strong natural phenomenons.