Long traditions of log construction

Over the centuries, forests and timber have had a forceful impact on the Finnish construction culture and life styles. The step from a hand-hewn cabin to the present Kontio Log House is incredible, and yet the raw material is the same old pine, observed to be the best. It is not a coincidence to see old log houses in the country. They have stood the storms of ages well for generations, because the single-material structure is technically functioning and firm. Log as a construction material only gets better with time and will preserve the value of the building for centuries.



From a sawmill to the most modern log house factory

Nowadays known as the biggest log house factory unit in the world, Kontio came into being when one man bought himself a mobile saw mill. Along with sawing operations, small cottages began to be built. At the end of the 1970's, Kontio cottages were exported to Scandinavian countries and Central Europe, for instance. Kontio has delivered more than 35,000 log buildings since 1970, whilst undergoing an amazing transformation during its history. Combination of tradition, high technology, ingenious structures and imagination is set in each Kontio Log House, whether delivered individually or as part of a large-scale project.