Building project


Construction professionals at your service

Log house architecture is adaptable to both a traditional setting and the impressive Premium style - and all in between. It allows individualism in all sizes from great mansions to small cottages. Whatever the type of house you fancy, we are at your service, offering all the professional knowledge needed in the process of designing and building a high quality log house.

Smooth process with professionals

All Kontio Log Houses are designed according to the local building regulations and requirements. The local Kontio team understands the process and knows the circumstances inside out, when it comes to regulations, required structures, licences, other materials, transportation, logistics and construction itself.

Professionals who have worked in long-term cooperation form a strong and reliable chain. By handling the whole delivery process smoothly and smartly, we save your time, nerves and money.

Well planned is half done

Each Kontio Log House is designed individually. Whether you dream of a practical family home or an exclusive villa with outstanding architecture, together with Kontio professionals you will create a house that you will love to live in.

There are plenty of options for you to personalize your dream home. In addition to the floor plans, you can choose log type, colours, size and number of windows and doors, terraces, balconies, dormers, stairs, railings... Combining genuine wood with glass, steel, stone, veneer, parquet or some other material causes a remarkable change in the appearance. To feed your imagination, check out the many ideas in our Top Collection and Style Gallery, for instance.

A building project also comprises such fields as electricity, heating, air conditioning and plumbing - for all these, ultra-modern and customized solutions are available today. Spending time at the beginning to consider all the details and plan the project makes it easier to complete the project according to the schedule, and to fulfil even the most special wishes.

Easy and quick building procedure

The customer is supplied with precise plans of construction details. A prefabricated, exact profile and a smart joint structure ensure an easy and precise construction. Wooden dowels and steel rods inside the walls, with tongued jambs at the side of openings, guarantee a firm structure. The assembly of a frame is quick and straightforward, and you also get finished interior and exterior walls with no extra effort.

Skilled carpenters, working for the local Kontio Operator, are able to complete the log house according to detailed instructions given by the factory.

Maintenance is important for every house

Whatever the method of construction is, maintenance is essential for every house. Unfortunately, this is often a neglected area, caused by not only a careless attitude but also ignorance. The maintenance of Kontio Log House is a matter of the heart to us. We take good care of our customers by helping them to take care of their log homes.