Health is the middle name of Kontio Log Houses 

Living in a log house carries many positive associations. A peaceful, spacious and inviting environment simply makes you feel at home. Ease of relaxing and experiencing the energy influence of massive wood around improves the balance of body and mind. Kontio Log Houses are warm and air tight but the breathing structure also provides an excellent indoor air quality, which helps you to feel better, put stress aside, relax and to live a healthy life.

Healthy construction material without doubt

In terms of the emission classification of building materials in general, wood belongs to the best class (class M1 in Finland). Wooden materials like log do not release hazardous particles or chemical fumes in the air. It is proven to be a clean, safe and healthy construction material according to the laboratory tests - and before that, it has been tested in real life, for centuries.

Uniquely good indoor air quality

Indoor air quality concerns each resident of the house. According to research, a Kontio Log House has very good indoor air. The log construction efficiently balances the heat and moisture fluctuation in the room air. The massive wood has a natural capacity to absorb moisture when air humidity level goes too high. When air humidity at some point goes below the optimal level, moisture is released back to the room, maintaining high air quality.

This ideal feature ensures that the relative indoor air humidity remains within the optimal range (between 30 to 55%). Outside the optimal humidity range the amount and mobility of dust, viruses and bacteria in indoor air considerably increase,  often leading to health problems such as respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, exhaustion and headache.

Good room air quality cannot be maintained wholly without ventilating the house. Even though a log house breathes, ventilation is needed but the need is lower because of humidity and heat buffering features. The reduced need for ventilation saves money and the environment, but without compromising the comfort of living.

Perfect relaxation - any time you like

In today's fast-paced lifestyle the chance to relax any time you like is worth its weight in gold. The Finnish sauna is a traditional health spa, recognized as a source of relaxation. It stimulates circulation, reduces muscular and nervous tension - and also serves as a place for meditation. Kontio knows the right details for spacious Sauna & Spa complexes as well as intimate private saunas. A combined sauna & guest house is a fine option for sharing the pleasure with family and friends.

Log is a cosy material in all seasons

Log evens out temperature variations, thus making it a cosy material in all seasons. It stays cool in summer and agreeably warm in winter, whereas during autumn and spring solid walls collect energy from the sunlight. With this individual and beautiful construction material you can create a natural harmony and warm wood surface in decoration. Kontio Log House reflects the pure Scandinavian nature, revealing the secrets of healthy living.