Log houses


Extraordinary experience of living

Living, in the sense of dwelling, plays a major part in our world. Therefore it is not all the same where and how we live. On the contrary, it has an enormous impact on our health and comfort, every day. Kontio Log House is an experience in its own class. It revives closeness with nature and vitality within those living in the house, naturally leading to Slow Living. Combined with reflection and togetherness, this will enable you to live more fully than ever before - and you know you belong in there: in the Kontio Log House.

A synonym for a healthy and pleasant home

A log house is healthy and comfortable to live in. It stays cool in summer and agreeably warm in winter. Indoor air is excellent and fresh, without a feeling of draught. The pleasant atmosphere generated by massive polar pine has a favourable impact on performance and health. This is an inspiring environment to live, work and relax in.

Log House symbolizes sustainable living

A lifestyle attempting to reduce use of the Earth's natural resources is also closely related to the form of living. For you who are a critical consumer and willing to reduce your carbon footprint, Kontio Log House is the ideal choice. Renewable wood material, processed by a low-energy process, without producing any useless waste, is a choice of a wise individual who cares for the global environment.

Log is a timeless building material

Timelessly elegant appearance and natural materials are well suited for the modern construction world. Log is an individual and beautiful construction material that you can use in decoration to create a natural and warm wood surface. It gives your home a uniquely valuable and personal spirit, pleasant to touch, enjoyable to live in.

Kontio knows wood - from roots to top

There are differences between house manufacturers and constructors. Kontio represents the strongest and most accomplished expertise, high technology and modern production capacity of wood construction.

The CE-mark, continuous product development and quality control guarantee that buying a Kontio Log House is a wise investment in the well-being of yourself, and in the better future of our global environment at the same time. In all our operations we have invested with a sense of purpose, so that our customers could achieve the best comfort of living.