Information on rectangular log



Rectangular log is the classical choice

The classical shape of rectangular log suits well for both traditional and modern log architecture. With these logs you get elegant, timeless and clear-cut buildings. 

Cracking, which naturally happens in wood, is directed into the lower surface of the sawn log billet already in the drying stage. This significantly reduces the crack tensions forming on the sides of the rectangular log.



Tongue-and-groove log profile

A tongue-and-groove type recess, which has been cut in the shape of the rectangular log, ensures a tight construction with minimal settling, thanks to dimensional accuracy and recess width (1). The tongue-and-groove profile of the recess also increases the horizontal rigidity of the wall. A separate space has been cut in the recess profile for insulation (2), keeping it protected from storms and rains. A drip edge (3) in the profile ensures that the recess keeps dry.

Tightly locked corner joint

The dimensionally accurate locked corner joint by Kontio (4) as well as double insulation in the corner joint profile ensure a warm and tight corner solution.