Information on round log



Impressive round log

Impressive round log stands out in the surroundings. With round log, our customers have implemented luxurious building projects all over the world. Kontiotuote Oy has improved round log design to make it a suitable wall material for the most demanding projects. Patented locked corner joint for round logs protects the home against the cold and shelters it from wind and rain.



Sturdy and tight tongue-and-groove log profile

A wide recess of the Kontio round log ensures a tight construction with minimal settling (1). A separate space has been cut in the log structure for insulation, keeping it protected from moisture (2). A drip edge in the profile keeps rainwater out of the log seams (3). A groove cut in the log directs the natural cracking of wood to the lower surface of the log (4). This reduces cracking in the visible parts of the round log.

Locked corner joint, registered design of Kontio

The tightness of a round log building is guaranteed by the Kontio tongue-and-groove type locked corner joint (5). The tongue-and-groove solution of corners and uniform insulation between the logs ensure a warm and tight wall (6). The special machining of locked corner joints effectively directs rainwater away from the wall structure (7).