Why a log house


Healthy and pleasant living for your well-being

Kontio Log House is a comfortable and inspiring environment to live in. The air tight but breathing structure provides uniquely good indoor air which helps you to feel better. The timeless elegance and pleasant atmosphere generated by massive polar pine has a favourable impact on the mind, helping you to relax and live a healthy life.

Natural wood is a safe and healthy construction material, creating a beautifully warm surface. Elegant architecture with peaceful and inviting spaces simply make you feel at home. A Kontio Log House naturally leads you to Slow Living, to a life where you are able to live more fully than ever before.

Environmentally friendly choice

Taking into account sustainable development and climate change, wood is in fact the most preferred choice as a construction material. Located in the middle of the renewable raw material sources, wood is only purchased to the factory from certified, sustainably managed forests. As a low energy product Kontio Log House causes only a minimal stress to the environment.

A modern log house is energy efficient. Air tight structures improve the comfort of living while lowering costs for heating and ventilation. The insulation and thermal mass qualities of solid wood make it very energy efficient, naturally maintaining the desired temperature level in all conditions.

Most suitable in all different conditions

Log Houses have taken their place in all climate conditions around the world. Designed on the basis of the special needs of our customers, a carefully planned and well built Kontio Log House will stand earthquakes, massive snowloads, typhoons - without damage. As a construction material, slowly grown Arctic pine from Northern Finland is the best, safest and most reliable choice.

The ground of the building site is something you may not be able to choose. When heavy constructions are planned on soft soil, larger foundations and even piling may be required. In such cases the lightness of wooden structures helps you to save both money and materials.


Carefully planned high quality log housing

The Kontio brand is known as the quality leader of log construction. Decades of development and careful design of structures and details fulfill high demands of the building regulations. CE quality certification ensures that the customers of Kontio will always receive high-quality products, which meet the regulations and standards.

Precisely planned functional structures, high quality materials, professionals for construction and ongoing local customer service are the elements that form the complete Kontio Log House package. Handling the whole of building project smoothly and smartly, Kontio Team stands by your side - saving you time, nerves and money.

Strong chain of professionals at your service

Professionals who have worked in long-term cooperation form a strong and reliable chain. We will help you to find the best option, taking into account all the necessary factors including the local building regulations and climate conditions.

Exceptionally long experience with a responsible and serious attitude to the future of log housing makes Kontio a reliable partner for your project, whether big or small. We are at your service offering all the knowhow needed in the process to design and complete a high quality log house. To get started, just contact the nearest Kontio Team.