Information on log walls with additional insulation



                                Internal heat insulation

Wall structures with supplementary insulation

Thin rectangular laminated logs can be provided with supplementary insulation as needed by the customer. Supplementary insulation also gives freedom as to the selection of interior lining and siding.

If your region has strict heat insulation requirements, supplementary insulation helps you to increase the K value of the log wall and the whole building. External heat insulation protects a log wall in especially difficult climate conditions.

You can choose a 95-135 mm rectangular or laminated log as the exterior surface. For interior lining, you can make your choice freely among panel, wallpaper, painting or wallboard.

Supplementary insulation on the outside gives your house a genuine log house feeling, and for siding you may choose for instance panel, board and batten, brick lining or stucco.



                                   External heat insulation