Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency saves natural resource

Targeting energy efficiency is critical especially from the environmental perspective. Start by considering the needs and then choose a suitable size and shape for the house and the floor plan, taking into account the orientation of the building. 

It is also recommended to choose materials which are produced energy efficiently, causing only minimal stress to the environment during the product life cycle. Wood is such a material, and Kontio Log House is such a home.

Modern log house is tight and energy efficient

A tightly sealed home improves comfort while lowering utility and maintenance costs. Our understanding of the possibilities of modern log construction allows us to maximize the convenience and energy efficiency of natural wood in each Kontio Log House. The tightness has been verified in tests conducted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, indicating the tightness value of N50 - an excellent result! 

The dimensionally accurate log profile and locked corner joint by Kontio, together with double insulation in the corner joint profile, protect the home against the cold and shelter it from wind and rain. When the plans and installation instructions provided by Kontio are followed, there will be no air leaks in the walls and corners, nor any draught around the doors and windows. 

Though a Kontio Log House is built air-tight, residents will find it good to breathe in. The natural heat and humidity balancing properties provide excellent indoor air quality in all seasons, at the same time making the costs of automatic ventilation smaller.

Whole-house approach

Tightness is of vital importance in terms of total heat demand in the building, but so is the whole-house approach. The building envelope consists of the roof, exterior walls (incl. windows and doors) and base floor. It is crucial that all these structures are carried out right and tight.

Exterior walls represent only 10% of total energy efficiency, whereas most heat is lost or gained through the roof. It is therefore important to thermally insulate the roof and to properly install insulation materials. Also windows and doors play a significant role in total consumption. Advanced technologies such as selective coatings and gas fillings are choices which pay themselves back in the form of lower utility costs.

Making a difference in our total consumption

Our lifestyle habits can make a great difference in terms of environmental impact. Lightning fixtures, ventilation and heat recovery, modern inverters, solar energy, water saving plumbing products and household appliances offer significant additional savings. The use of more efficient technologies in homes means a significant reduction in our total consumption.