World's biggest log house factory unit in an ideal location

All Kontio Log Houses are manufactured in Finland at the Pudasjärvi factory, close to the Arctic Circle and renewable raw material sources. Producing the houses in the bosom of the arctic pine forests is ideal because of avoidance of unnecessary transportation and environmental impact. The factory itself is in fact the world's biggest unit, delivering annually 2,300 log buildings all over the world. The total number of log buildings built since the beginning in 1970 is more than 35,000.

Our ultra-modern production control system guarantees that each delivery is handled cost-effectively and a precisely specified process is followed through the entire production chain. By taking care of the whole production chain we gain high control over quality and delivery reliability, which is very important aspect for big factories with frequent log house deliveries. This ensures that each Kontio Log House is manufactured just in time, with subcontract materials ready for loading on the date of the shipment. The system is comprehensive and even complicated, but by hard and ambitious work we have achieved a uniquely high standard in production.

Continuous product development

Exporting log buildings to many different climatic conditions and construction traditions has set high requirements for product development. Our Product Development Team co-operates with professional Kontio operators and their construction experts all over the world. Together we have found the best and long lasting technical solutions for your benefit so that your investment in a Kontio Log House would be safe.

Some of the key themes at Kontio today are energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production. Continuous research and dedication have made Kontiotuote Oy a leader in its field.

State-of-art wood handling technology is efficiently used in the production process, enabling maximal utilisation of the raw material as well as minimal energy consumption, satisfying also the requirements of environmental protection in EU.

Quality at every step

The brand Kontio simply stands for high quality housing. We assure our quality by controlling the whole production chain using a strict quality system. We also follow the quality requirements and design principles provided by the Finnish Log House Industry Association (HTT ry), which includes 21 biggest log house factories in Finland. These guidelines present generally accepted requirements, principles and terms of delivery for prefabricated log houses in order to provide the very best for our customers. We are an active member of this association and do our very best to promote and enhance the image of log house living everywhere in the world for common well being.

Quality also means that we take responsibility for exploring new and better ways to make log houses. We have applied for and received several patents and certificates in the business and continue doing so, especially now that ecologically oriented housing and the comeback of wood are in the air.